1. Tap Newo - Look On EP / Central Dogma
    Tap Newo, Volt'R, Phouz, True Anomaly.

  2. Sampler 001
    Central Dogma Artists

  3. XAMAN EK / Central Dogma / Various Artists
    Various Artists

  4. Fletcher Munson EP
    True Anomaly

  5. Doha Remixes EP
    Doctor Boom, True Anomaly, Joe Tejsh

  6. First View Remixes
    Carlos Pires, Alpha Rodriguez

  7. Recalling EP

  8. Wax On EP
    JC The Bear

  9. Moto A Remixes
    Tyu, Vaxx

  10. La Voz Remixes
    Binaural, Dj Mito

  11. Doom Remixes
    Criss Narvaez, True Anomaly, Carlos Pires

  12. Op. Icarus EP
    Carter Walker

  13. Call to the Sleeper
    Lomax the Grey, Binaural, Cult Tour

  14. Iguana EP
    Carter Walker & True Anomaly

  15. True Anomaly - Drop Remixes
    True Anomaly, Morticia Walker, Vaxx

  16. Ed whitty - Vice Remixes
    Ed Whitty, Tap Newo, True Anomaly

  17. Go Back LP
    Carlos Pires

  18. Work Materials EP
    Tap Newo, Carter Walker, Doctor Boom

  19. Get Here EP
    JC The Bear

  20. Doha EP
    Doctor Boom

  21. Call to The Sleeper EP
    Lomax The Grey

  22. This is Central Dogma (Weapons of Choice)
    Various Artists

  23. Kinich Ahau V.A. Compilation

  24. Voltan
    Various Artist

  25. Kimil
    Various Artist

  26. Clockwork EP
    Carter Walker

  27. Fulltrack EP
    Moyo Brothers

  28. Hail The Queen EP
    Morticia Walker

  29. Numb EP

  30. Bug EP
    Cult Tour

  31. Fisrt View EP
    Carlos Pires

  32. In The Darkness EP
    Joe Tejsh

  33. Sidereal Time EP
    True Anomaly

  34. Pulse EP
    Moyo Brothers

  35. Coldness EP
    Dj Mito

  36. Nowhere To Run EP
    True Anomaly

  37. Sergio Ghan - Planet Nonsense EP
    Sergio Ghan

  38. Moyo Brothers - Ghostman EP
    Moyo Brothers

  39. Ed Whitty - Man In Black Ep
    Ed Whitty

  40. Dani Shuk - Ladies and Gentlemen EP
    Dani Shuk

  41. Moyo Brothers - Other Colors EP
    Moyo Brothers

  42. Ed Whitty - Mk Ultra EP
    Ed Whitty, True Anomaly, Omar Labastida

  43. True Anomaly - Drop EP
    True Anomaly, Smoky Mirror, Corvin Dalek

  44. True Anomaly - Fist Sight EP

  45. Cult Tour Coming Home EP
    Cult Tour

  46. Central Dogma Presents SS 001 (Various Artists Compilation)

  47. Central Dogma Presents SS 002 (Various Artists Compilation)

  48. Central Dogma Presents SS 003 (Various Artists Compilation)

  49. Central Dogma presents SS4
    Various Artists

  50. Cult Tour - Cult Tour LP (Special Edition)

  51. Tyu - Moto A EP
    Tyu, True Anomaly, Sam Critchley

  52. Dani Shuk - Bansheelized EP
    Dani Shuk

  53. Siko Remixes EP
    Various Artists

  54. Siko EP

  55. Criss Narvaez - Doom EP
    Criss Narvaez

  56. Andy Bennet - Unconditional Love EP
    Andy Bennet

  57. Andy Peimbert - Chumbalaca EP
    Andy Peimbert

  58. Omar Labastida & Gianni Ruocco - Temp EP
    Omar Labastida & Gianni Ruocco

  59. Carlos Pires - Ystaka EP
    Carlos Pires, Kemp&Thompson, Binaural, Reyul Mather, Gustavo Lobo

  60. Ed Whitty - Vice EP
    Ed Whitty , True Anomaly

  61. DJ Mito - Aries EP
    DJ Mito

  62. Omar Labastida - Stax EP
    Omar Labastida, Kemp&Thompson, Viana

  63. Reyul Mather - Freedom EP
    Reyul Mather

  64. Manuel HB Discou - Solar EP
    Manuel HB Discou, True Anomaly

  65. True Anomaly - Bad to Parties EP
    True Anomaly, Corvin Dalek, Tomas Kerata, Binaural

  66. Omar Labastida - Kanyenke EP
    Omar Labastida, Kemp&Thompson, Diaztech

  67. True Anomaly - Slope of a Line EP
    True Anomaly

  68. DJ Mito - The Origin EP
    DJ Mito

  69. KATNIP 002

  70. KATNIP 001

  71. Dogma Gang 001 Part1. The Path of the Warrior
    Various Artist

  72. Dogma Gang 001 Part2. The Dawn of the Clan
    Various Artists

  73. earth

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